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DABERATH (dăb'ă-răth). An ancient town near the western side of Mount Tabor; part of the heritage of Issachar given to the Levites (Josh.19.12; 1Chr.6.72). A strategic location, the probable site of the defeat of Sisera by Barak (Judg.4.14-Judg.4.22).

DABERATH dā’ bə răth (דָּֽבְרַ֖ת, prob. pasture land).

A town W of Mt. Tabor, in Issachar’s territory (1 Chron 6:72) allotted to the Bershonite Levites (Josh 21:27, 28 KJV DABAREH, and apparently on Zebulun’s border (Josh 19:10, 12). This place has been suggested as the site of Sisera’s defeat by Barak, Jael’s exploit being connected with it (Josh 4). Its site is supposed to have been that of the village of Deburiyeh.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

A city in the territory of Issachar, on the boundary between that tribe and Zebulun (Jos 19:12). It was assigned to the Gershonite Levites (Jos 21:28; 1Ch 6:72). The most probable identification is with Dabuiriyeh, a village on the lower western slopes of Tabor.