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Counsel, Counsellor

See also Counsel

Isaiah saw the coming king as one whom the Spirit of the Lord had supplied with counsel (Isa 11:2); he was to be called “Counselor.” The counsel of peace was to be established between the coming Messiah and the high priest (Zech 6:13). Prophets were spoken of as standing “in the council of the Lord to hear his word.”

In the NT Joseph of Arimathea was called a bouleutēs, a respected member of the council (Mark 15:43; Luke 23:50). “Counsel” was used less in the NT than the OT, and most frequently was the equivalent of advice. It was said, however, that God’s counsel was immutable (Heb 6:17). The counsel of man was perfectly open to God (1 Cor 4:4). No human counsel could be hidden from God, but His counsel was above the figuring out by men (Rom 11:33).