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Council of Agde

506. A synod held at Agde, S France, under the presidency of Caesarius of Arles. Thirty-five bishops were present. Of the seventy-one canons published, only forty-seven were regarded as genuine by Sirmond. They deal, inter alia, with clerical celibacy, the canonical age of ordination (twenty-five for deacons, thirty for priests or bishops; nuns must be forty before receiving the veil), relations of bishops with their diocesan synods, public peace, and the religious obligations of the faithful. No bishop shall alienate buildings, slaves, or furniture belonging to the church; if it is absolutely necessary, the consent of two or three neighboring bishops is required. If a bishop grants liberty and property to slaves, his successors must respect the act. A clergyman becoming intoxicated is excommunicated for thirty days or corporally chastened.