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CHUSI ku’ sĭ (Χουσεί; variants Χούς and Οὔξ; CHOUS, The Jerusalem Bible; CHUS, NEB). A place mentioned in Judith 7:18 near Ekrebel (Acraba) beside the brook Mochmur. Probably in central Pal. S of modern Nablus. Term occurs in Old Latin, but not in Vul.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

ku’-si, (Chous): A place only named in Judith 7:18, as near Ekrebel on the brook Mochmur. It was in central Palestine, and has with some probability been identified with Quzah, a village 5 1/2 miles South of Nablus and 5 miles West of Agrabeh (Ekrebel).