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d.407. Bishop of his native Aquileia in N Italy from about 388. He encouraged others to advance biblical knowledge. Ambrose wrote an exposition of the prophecy of Balaam on his behalf, and his efforts helped to stimulate and finance the translation of the OT by Jerome, who dedicated to Chromatius a commentary on Habakkuk. He tried in vain to reconcile Jerome to Rufinus, whom he had baptized, in their dispute over the translation of the De Principiis of Origen. He persuaded the latter to translate Eusebius's church history and the Homilies on Joshua by Origen. When Chrysostom shared with him, together with Innocent of Rome and Venerius of Milan, his complaints about deposition, Chromatius wrote on his behalf to the emperor Honorius. His extant writings are eighteen homilies on Matthew 3:15-17; 5; 6.