CANNEH (kăn'nĕ). Mentioned only in Ezek.27.23 among the towns and regions with which Tyre traded. Some identify it with Calneh.

CANNEH. Alternate form of Calneh.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

Mentioned in Eze 27:23 in connection with Haran and Eden as one of the places with which Tyre had commercial relations. This is the only reference to the place and the site is unknown. Gesenius and others think it is probably the same as Calneh of Am 6:2 or of Ge 10:10, and Calno of Isa 10:9. According to the Targums, Eusebius, and Jerome, this place is identical with Ctesiphon, which was situated on the Tigris. One codex of De Rossi has made this identification in the passage in Eze 27:23. Cornill thinks Canneh is the Calneh of Am 6:2, but Cheyne thinks the name is really non-existent. He says the words rendered "and Canneh and Eden" should rather be "and the sons of Eden."