CANA (kā'na). Cana of Galilee is mentioned four times in the Gospel of John (2:1, 11; 4:46; 21:2) and nowhere else in Scripture. It was in the highlands of Galilee, as one had to go down from there to Capernaum; but opinions differ as to its exact location. It may have been at “Kefr Kenna,” about five miles (eight km.) NE of Nazareth, or at “Khirbet Kana” a little farther north. Here Jesus performed his first miracle, graciously relieving the embarrassment caused by the shortage of wine at a marriage feast. It was here too (John.4.46) that he announced to the nobleman from Capernaum the healing of his apparently dying son. Nathanael came from Cana (John.21.2).