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CAINAN (kā-ī'năn)

In NIV, RSV, ASV “Kenan,” the fourth from Adam in the messianic line (Gen.5.12-Gen.5.14; 1Chr.1.2; Luke.3.37).A son of Arphaxad (Luke.3.36), omitted in Gen.10.24; Gen.11.12, but found in the LXX, from which Luke quotes.

CAINAN kā’ nən (Καιναν).

1. Son of Enos (KJV) (Luke 3:37; sometimes called Kenan; Gen 5:9-14; 1 Chron 1:2).

2. Son of Arphaxad (Luke 3:36); from LXX (Gen 5:24; 11:12).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

ka’-nan, ka-i’-nan (Kainan):

(1) Greek form of Kenan (Lu 3:37): also the King James Version form in Old Testament (except 1Ch 1:2).

(2) A son of Arphaxad (Lu 3:36), omitted in Ge 10:24; 11:12.