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Bubal Hartebeest

BUBAL HARTEBEEST bu’ b’ l här’ tə best. In Biblical times the Bubal Hartebeest (Alcephalus busephalus) was well-known in Egypt, where several mummified specimens from the Graeco-Roman period have been found. Its range once extended from Egypt to Morocco but there is no evidence that it was ever in Pal. It is now very rare and possibly extinct. (See Fallow Deer.) This word is not found in any Eng. VSS but comes from the LXX tr. of Heb. יַחְמ֔וּר, Fallow Deer KJV; roebuck RSV. Apart from appearing in the Deuteronomy food list, this is mentioned only in 1 Kings 4:23 as a regular item in King Solomon’s daily provisions. This suggests a more common animal than the Bubal Hartebeest.