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BRAND. A mark used to denote ownership.

1. Cain received a mark, prob. a tattoo, on his forehead to protect him from avengers (Gen 4:15).

2. Ezekiel saw a brand, an archaic form of the Heb. letter “Tau,” in appearance like a cross, put on the forehead of significant people (Ezek 9:4, 6).

3. Paul wrote of the “marks of Jesus” which he received from beatings and stonings in the course of preaching the Gospel (Gal 6:17).

4. A particular brand which was put on the right hand or forehead of the people of the beast was envisioned by John (Rev 13:16).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

In the double signification of an object on fire and of objects used to feed a fire. The first meaning is expressed by ’udh, "a bent stick" for stirring fire (Am 4:11; Zec 3:2; compare Isa 7:4); the second by lappidh, in Jud 15:4,5. A third meaning is found in ziqah, indicating the brand as a spreader of fire (Pr 26:18).

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