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BOKIM (bō'kĭm, weepers). A name given to the place where the angel of the Lord appeared and rebuked the children of Israel because of their failure to drive out the heathen and to destroy their places of worship (Judg.2.1-Judg.2.5).

BOCHIM bō’ kĭm (בֹּכִ֑ים, weepers). Name given place near Gilgal where Israel wept after being admonished by the angel of the Lord (Judg 2:1, 5). The LXX inserts Bethel, and Bochim may be connected with Allon-bacuth, oak of weeping, near Bethel (Gen 35:8).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

A place on the mountain West of Gilgal said to have been so named (literally "the weepers") because Israel wept there at the remonstrance of the angel (Jud 2:1,5). No name resembling this has been discovered. Given on the occasion mentioned, it may not have endured. Many, following Septuagint, identify it with Bethel.

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