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BIZIOTHIAH (bĭz'ĭ-ŏ-thī'ah, contempt of Jehovah). A town in southern Judah in Joshua’s time (Josh.15.28).

BIZIOTHIAH bĭz’ ĭ ō thī’ ə (בִזְיוֹתְיָֽה). According to the MT, a town in the Negeb district of Judah (Josh 15:28 KJV BIZJOTHJAH). The LXX reads “and her daughters” (i.e., “and their villages”), a rendering made possible with the change of one consonant in the MT, which is prob. correct.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

biz-yo-thi’-a, biz-joth’-ja (bizyotheyah; Septuagint hai komai auton, literally "their villages"; the King James Version Bizjothjah, "place of Jah’s olives" (Young), or "contempt of Jah" (Strong)): According to Massoretic Text, a town in the south of Judah, near Beersheba (Jos 15:28). Septuagint reads "and her daughters," only one consonant of Massoretic Text being read differently; and so We, Hollenberg, Di and others The Septuagint has probably preserved the original text (compare Ne 11:27).