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Beth Gader

BETH GADER (bĕth' gā'dêr, house of the wall). A place in the tribe of Judah (1Chr.2.51), probably to be identified with Geder (Josh.12.13).

BETH-GADER beth gā’ dər (Heb. בֵית־גָּדֵֽר), a place name appearing only in the list of towns of Judah and Simeon (1 Chron 2:51), usually and most prob. identified with Geder or one of the similar roots e.g. Geder, Gederah, Gederoth or Gederothaim mentioned as Canaanite towns of Judah. The name is traditionally understood as meaning, “house of (a) wall.”

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

(bethgadher; Baithgedor, or (Codex Vaticanus) Baithgaidon): The name occurs between those of Bethlehem and Kiriath-jearim in 1Ch 2:51. It is possibly identical with Geder of Jos 12:13.