Beth Ezel

BETH EZEL (bĕth' ē'zĕl, a house adjoining). A town in southern Judea in the Philistine plain (Mic.1.11). For a time this was thought to be the same as Azel (Zech.14.5), but now has been identified with Deir el-Asal.

BETH-EZEL beth e’ zəl (Heb. בֵּ֣ית הָאֵ֔צֶל), a place name located only by its parallel usage to an equally obscure Zaanan mentioned only once (Mic 1:11). The imprecation is against the enemies of Judah, and cites mostly S Palestinian locations. Only a precarious identification can be made with modern Arab. Deir el-’asal about two m. E of Tell Beit Mirsim.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

A place named along with other cities in the Philistine plain (Mic 1:11). The site has not been identified. By some it is thought to be the same as Azel of Zec 14:5; but see Azel.