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Beth Anath

BETH ANATH (bĕth' ā'năth, the temple of Anath). A city near Naphtali (Josh.19.38; Judg.1.33) identified with the modern el-Baneh.

BETH-ANATH bĕth ā’ năth (בֵּית־עֲנָ֖ת; LXX A Βαιθαναθ; B Βαιθθαμε; house of Anath). A fortified city assigned to Naphtali (Josh 19:38). Instead of fulfilling the Deuteronomic command to massacre the original inhabitants, Naphtali enslaved them (Judg 1:33). The city figures in several Egyp. inscrs. (Y. Aharoni, The Land of the Bible, index), possibly Safed el-Baṭṭikh?

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

A city in the territory of Naphtali, named with Horem and Bethshemesh (Jos 19:38; Jud 1:33). It is represented by the modern village Ainatha, about 12 miles Northwest of Cafed. The name signifies the "house" or "temple" of Anath, a goddess of the Canaanites.