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BESOR (bĕ’sôr, Heb. besôr). A brook five miles (eight km.) south of Gaza where David left two hundred of his men who were too faint to assist in pursuing the Amalekites (1Sam.30.9-1Sam.30.10, 1Sam.30.21). Some identify this as Wady en Sheriah, while others think it is Wady Ghazzah.


be’-sor, (nachal besor; Codex Alexandrinus, Bechor, Codex Vaticanus, Beana; 1Sa 30:9,20,21; Josephus, Ant, VI, xiv, 6): A torrent-bed (nachal) mentioned in the account of David’s pursuit of the Amalekites. Thought to be Wady Ghazza, which enters the sea Southwest of Gaza.