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Benjamin Wills Newton

1807-1899. Early Plymouth Brethren* leader. Of Quaker stock, he had a distinguished academic career at Oxford where also he was influenced by J.N. Darby* who came on a visit. He began his ministry in Plymouth, and also traveled throughout the county preaching. About 1835 he was used in the conversion of his cousin S.P. Tregelles,* the textual critic, to whose researches he gave generous financial aid. Newton and Darby differed over prophetical interpretation and church order; in 1847 Newton was charged with heresy through some teaching on Christ's humanity, but he withdrew the doctrine. That year he left Plymouth and for many years ministered in a chapel in Bayswater, where he drew large congregations. His written ministry continued till he was nearly ninety. An austere man of Calvinist views and high personal honor, Newton influenced many leading ministers of his time.