BEKER (bē'kêr, Heb. bekher, firstborn, or young camel)

The second son of Benjamin (Gen.46.21; 1Chr.7.6). His descendants are not listed in the registry of families (Num.26.38; 1Chr.8.1-1Chr.8.6), probably because they were too few in the beginning to form a tribal family. Beker’s nine sons ultimately had 20,200 male descendants (1Chr.7.8-1Chr.7.9). They lived in Anathoth and other places in the territory of Benjamin.A son of Ephraim, and founder of a family (Num.26.35, Bachrites in kjv). But in 1Chr.7.20 we read “Bered,” which may be the correct form.

BECHER be’ kər (בֶ֨כֶר, young camel). 1. A son of Benjamin (Gen 46:21; 1 Chron 7:6).

2. A son of Ephraim and founder of a family called Becherites (KJV BACHRITES, Num 26:35). In 1 Chronicles 7:20 the name appears as Bered.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

(1) Son of Benjamin (Ge 46:21; 1Ch 7:6,8).

(2) Son of Ephraim whose family is called Becherites (the King James Version "Bachrites"), Nu 26:35 (1Ch 7:20 called Bered). Compare BERED.