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BAY (κὀλπος). A bay on the island of Malta where Paul’s ship foundered (Acts 27:39), identified as the traditional Bay of St. Paul, c. eight m. NW of the town of Valetta.


1. The KJV tr. of אֲמֻצִּֽים in Zechariah 6:3, 7, where the KJV uses the word to describe the reddish color of horses, but the RSV omits the word altogether in Zechariah 6:3 and renders it “steeds” in v. 7.

2. (לָשׁוֹן, H4383, κόλπος, G3146). The word is used in the sense of inlet of the sea in Joshua 15:2, 5; 18:19; Acts 27:39, (KJV, CREEK).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

The word occurs in the sense of inlet of the sea in the Old Testament only in Jos 15:2,5; 18:19, and in New Testament only in Ac 27:39 (of Malta, the King James Version "creek").

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