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BATHSHUA (băth’shūa, Heb. bath-shûa‘, daughter of opulence, or daughter of Shua)

In Gen.38.2 (niv has “daughter of a Canaanite man named Shua”) and 1Chr.2.3, where the name indicates daughter of Shua, wife of Judah.In 1Chr.3.5 as the mother of Solomon in most Hebrew manuscripts, but this is probably a misreading of Bathsheba due to a scribal error. The LXX has Bathsheba, and this is followed by NIV.

BATH-SHUA, BATHSHUA băth ṩhōō’ ə (בַּת־שׁ֖וּעַ, daughter of Shua, or daughter of abundance). 1. The wife of Judah. She was a Canaanite and the mother of his sons, Er, Onan, and Shelah (1 Chron 2:3). In 1 Chronicles 2:3 the name is tr. “of Shua’s daughter” in the ASV and the “daughter of Shua” in the KJV.

2. Alternate form of Bathsheba.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

(bath-shua`, "the daughter of opulence" or "the daughter of Shua"; compare BATH-SHEBA; for derivation see HPN, 67, 69, note 3):

(1) In Ge 38:2 and 1Ch 2:3, where the name is translated "Shua’s daughter," the wife of Judah.

(2) In 1Ch 3:5, the daughter of Ammiel and wife of David.

See Bath-sheba.