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Baal Hazor

BAAL HAZOR (bā'ăl hā'zôr, Baal of Hazor). A place beside Ephraim where Absalom had a sheep range and where he brought about the death of Amnon in revenge for the rape of his sister (2Sam.13.23).

BAAL-HAZOR bāl hā’ zôr (בַּ֥עַל חָצֹ֖ור, possessor of a court). The location of Absalom’s sheep-shearers when Amnon was killed (2 Sam 13:23). It was here that Absalom planned a feast for his brothers, also inviting his father David, who did not accept. In this remote place marked by rugged limestone slopes, Absalom determined to get revenge on Amnon for having raped his sister Tamar. It was possibly a mountain home, being nearly 4000 ft. above sea level. The site most often suggested is Jebel el-’Asûr which is some five m. N of Bethel in Ephraim. It should not be confused with the Hazor N of the Sea of Galilee. Jebel el-’Asûr is just NE of et-Tayibeh, E of the road to Shechem.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

ba`al chatsor; Bailasor, Bel-la-sor: A place on the property of Absalom where his sheep-shearers were gathered, beside Ephraim (2Sa 13:23). The sheep-shearing was evidently the occasion of a festival which was attended by Absalom’s brethren. Here he compassed the death of Amnon in revenge for the outrage upon his sister. The place may be identified with Tell `Asur, a mountain which rises 3,318 ft. above the sea, 4 miles Northeast of Bethel. rine Kubbet el Baul may retain the old name.