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Baal Hamon

BAAL HAMON (bā'ăl hā'mŏn, Baal of Hamon). A place where Solomon had a vineyard (Song.8.11). Its location is unknown.

BAAL-HAMON bāl hā’ mon (בְּבַ֣עַל הָמֹ֔ון, possessor of abundance). Mentioned in the Song of Solomon as the location of Solomon’s vineyards (8:11). The context would indicate that the fruit of this vineyard was exceptionally fine. The location of this place is not known. Some have thought that the name suggests a relation to Baal-Amon, like Bel-Merodach, a local Baal. It is quite possible that a real vineyard was not intended and that only a poetic expression was made here.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

ba-al-ha’-mon. See Baal (1).