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AZMON (ăz'mŏn, Heb. ‘atsmôn, strong). A town on the south border of Judah (Num.34.4-Num.34.5; Josh.15.4). The site is unknown.

AZMON ăz’ mən (עַצְמֹ֗ון). A place on the S border of Judah (Num 34:4; Josh 15:4). Some scholars identify it with ’Ain el-Qaseimeh, NW of Kadesh-barnea.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

On the Southwest border of Israel (Nu 34:4,5; Jos 15:4). Trumbull identifies it with `Ain el-Qaseimeh, Northwest of Kadesh Barnea (Kad. Baruch., 117, 289 f).