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AYYAH (āy'yăh). In 1Chr.7.28 (niv, rsv), one of the towns possessed by the tribe of Ephraim. KJV and NEB have Gaza, though not the Philistine Gaza.

AYYAH ä’ yə (עַיָּ֖ה). One of the towns possessed by the tribe of Ephraim (RSV 1 Chron 7:28); the KJV has GAZA, where the ASV has AZZAH. There is text. evidence in some Heb. MSS for the KJV “Gaza.” If this is correct, it could not refer to the Philistine city of Gaza. Some have suggested that there is a connection with Ai, or that the “Aija” of Nehemiah 11:31 is really “Ayyah” or “Ai.”