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ASHURITES ăsh’ ə’ rīts (אֲשׁוּרִ֖י). A people in N Israel over whom Ishbosheth, the son of Saul, ruled in his brief reign of two years (2 Sam 2:9, 10). It is not known exactly what place is intended. The reading “Geshurites” (Vul. and Syr.) cannot be correct since it is known that Geshur was independent at that time (2 Sam 3:3; 13:37); neither can the Assyrian Asshur nor the Arabian Asshurim (Gen 25:3) be intended. With a slight textual correction the reading would be hā-’Asherī (the Asherites), i.e. the tribe of Asher, which is prob. correct.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

According to the Massoretic Text of 2Sa 2:9, a tribe included in the short-lived kingdom of Ish-bosheth, Saul’s son. A slight textual correction gives "Asherites," that is, the tribe of Asher; with this the Targum of Jonathan agrees. The tribe of Asher lay where it would naturally fall to Ish-bosheth’s kingdom. The reading "Geshurites" (Vulgate and Syriac) is excluded by the known independence Of Geshur at this time (2Sa 3:3; 13:37). For similar reasons we cannot think of Assyria (Hebrew Asshur) nor of the Arabic Asshurim of Ge 25:3.

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