ASHNAH (ăsh'na). The name of two villages of Judah, one in the lowland west of Jerusalem and near the tribe of Dan (Josh.15.33), and the other about twenty-seven miles (forty-five km.) SW of Jerusalem (Josh.15.43).

ASHNAH ăsh’ nə (אַשְׁנָֽה). Two cities of Judah, both in the hill region below the mountains of Judah (Josh 15:33, 43). Their sites are unknown. One may be at ’Aslin, near the edge of the maritime plain of Judah; the other may be Idhna, between Hebron and Lachish.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

Two sites,

(1) Jos 15:33, a site in the lowlands of Judah, probably near Estaol and Zorah. The small ruin Aslin between those two places may retain an echo of the old name;

(2) Jos 15:43 an unknown site farther south.