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ARUBBOTH (a-rŭb'ŏth). A region of the Shephelah in Judah assigned to Ben-Hesed to provide food for Solomon’s court (1Kgs.4.10).

ARUBBOTH ə rub’ ŏth (אֲרֻבֹּ֑ות; KJV ARUBOTH). A town in one of the twelve administrative districts from which provisions for Solomon’s household were obtained by Benhesed, an official of Solomon’s court (1 Kings 4:10). Its site is not known, but with it are mentioned “Socoh, and all the land of Hepher.” Since Hepher was located in Manasseh and Socoh was prob. either modern Tell er-Ras or ’Arrabeh, it may have been situated c. nine m. N of Samaria. It has been suggested that ARBATTA was the form of the name in the Maccabean age (1 Macc 5:23; KJV ARBATTIS).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

a-rub’-oth, ar’-u-both (ha-’arubboth; the King James Version Aruboth): One of the 12 districts from which victuals for Solomon’s household were obtained (1Ki 4:10). With Arubboth are mentioned "Socoh, and all the land of Hepher," and as Socoh lay in the Shephelah (Jos 15:35), Arubboth probably lay in the southern part of the Shephelah.