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Alexander Lindsay Glegg

1882-1975. British lay evangelist. Born in London of Scottish parents, he trained as an electrical engineer at London University and subsequently became director of several companies. But while he worked hard in business, his great love was evangelism. Converted while at the Keswick Convention* as a young man, he soon became involved in mission work in Wandsworth, and for nearly fifty years was responsible for the ministry at Down Lodge Hall. He was a regular speaker at campaigns and conventions, and many thousands throughout the British Isles became Christians through his lucid and winsome presentation of the Gospel. He was known particularly for his Albert Hall meetings in the 1940s, his leading part in beginning the Christian holiday camp which annually draws thousands to Filey, and for his active support of numerous missionary societies. He encouraged many young evangelists, both spiritually and financially-and counseled them to play golf for their soul's good. Billy Graham is among those who acknowledge a great debt to Glegg who in his nineties was still preaching. His published works, which went all over the world, include Life with a Capital “L” and Four Score and More.