Free Online Bible Classes | The Doctrine of the Church (Part 5)

The Doctrine of the Church (Part 5)

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The question of the role of men and women in ministry is a significant issue. The main question is, "According to Scripture, is gender particularly and uniquely relevant in assessing whether or not a person is qualified for a given ministry in a church or home?"

You can download the Roles Handout by right-clicking on the link and selecting the "Save Link As" option. 


The Doctrine of the Church (Part 5)

d. Roles of men and women in ministry

Egalitarian vs Complementarian: Is gender ever relevant in roles of leadership and decision making in the church and in the home?

Egalitarian: no,

Complementarian: yes

     1) Egalitarian View

          a) Creation: Male and female are created equal in essence and role.

          b) Fall: The fall resulted in the women being put in submission to men. Man will rule over women.

          c) Redemption: Males and females are restored to original equality in essence and role.

     2) Complementarian View

          a) Creation: Male and Female created equal in essence but there is distinction in role. Hold to male headship in creation. (Creation mirrors hierarchy in the Trinity)

          b) Fall: Essence stays the same but roles are affected. A result of the fall was to build into women a tendency for women to want to reverse the created order of responding to male authority.

          c) Redemption: Full equality in Christ but male headship reestablished in the home and the faith community as established in creation.

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