Free Online Bible Classes | The Doctrine of Salvation (Part 2)

The Doctrine of Salvation (Part 2)

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Rob Lister continues by reviewing the Arminian position (conditional election), then explains the Calvinist view. The Calvinist position is based on God's sovereign rulership over everything, salvation by grace alone, and God's love and justice. There are major differences between the ideas of conditional and unconditional election.


The Doctrine of Salvation (Calvinist Position)

b. Calvinist view

1) Unconditional election

a) God’s sovereign rule over all things

b) Salvation by grace alone

c) Deficiency of conditional election

d) Effectual calling

e) Election and foreknowledge

f) Love is particular rather than just universal and general. Justice is demonstrated by destroying vessels of wrath and extending mercy to the elect

g) We are not responsible to sway the will of the hearer in evangelism. God is responsible

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