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There are valid, sound and cogent arguments for the existence of God, but no coercive proofs.


The Existence of God

Part 1

I.  Background

A.  All proofs are person-relative. - George Mavrodes

1.  Truth is not person-relative.

2.  Validity is not person-relative.

B.  An argument is a collection of two or more propositions.

1.  Valid

2.  Sound

3.  Cogent

C.  Two Sides to a Proof

1.  Logical

2.  Persuasive

D.  An Argument for God's Existence

1.  The number one is a concept or idea.

2.  Ideas can only exist in minds.

3.  The number one is eternal

4.  The number one is immutable.

5.  The number one must exist independently of human minds.

6.  There must exist an eternal and immutable mind.

E.  There are no coercive proofs.

F.  Deductive or Inductive Arguments for God's Existence?

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