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Worldviews in Conflict

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Two prominent worldviews are Christian theism and naturalism.



Part 3

III. Worldviews in Conflict

A. Definition of a Worldview

1. Everyone has a worldview.

2. Few people understand what a worldview is.

B. Five Important Parts of a Worldview

1. God

a. Atheism

b. Theism

c. Pantheism

d. Polytheism

2. Ultimate Reality

a. How old is the universe?

b. Materialism?

c. Mind or Soul?

3. Knowledge

a. Senses or Intellect?

b. Is truth relative?

4. Ethics - What is right and wrong?

5. Human Persons

a. Human consciousness?

b. Freedom vs. Determinism

C. Three Functions of a Worldview

1. Eyeglasses

2. Map

3. Picture Puzzle

D. Two Worldviews

1. Naturalism

a. Closed box

b. Physical, Material World

c.. Found in Marxism, Humanism, Atheism

d. The "Essence" of Naturalism

2. Christian Theism

a. Open box

i. God exists outside the box.

ii. God created the box.

iii. God acts as a cause inside the box.

b. Miracles of Incarnation and Resurrection

E. Only God's Worldview is True

F. Four Tests of a Worldview

1. Reason

2. Outer Experience

3. Inner Experience

4. Practice

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