Total Depravity and Unconditional Election

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"Total" depravity doesn't mean you are as bad as you can be. The point of unconditional election is that there are no conditions we must meet to be among the elect. God chooses individuals he will bring to faith. The Arminian position is that God chooses a corporate entity, so that it is not that individuals are in the church because they are elect, but that they are elect because they are in the church. We don't belong to God because we come to Jesus, we come to Jesus because we belong to God.


Total Depravity and Unconditional Election

I. "Total" Depravity

II. Unconditional election

A. Individual vs. corporate election

B. We were dead so that faith had to be given to us

C. We come to Jesus because we belong to God

D. World missions is gathering children of God not betting children of God

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