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Thales and Anaximander were two philosophers in the sixth century BC that lived in Miletus.


Pre-Socratic Philosophy

Part 1

I. Milesians

A. Thales (624-546 B.C.)

1. Basic stuff (arche) is water.

2. All things are alive (or full of gods).

3. Explanation for magnetism

B. Anaximander (610-547 B.C.)

1. Basic stuff (arche) = "The Boundless" (apeiron)

2. Boundless is neither this nor that; neither here nor there.

3. First known evolutionist, life originated in sea

C. Anaximenes (585-528 B.C.)

1. Basic stuff is air.

2. First to add a principle of motion; condensation and rarefaction

D. Significance of Milesians

1. Scientific attitude

2. Asked good questions

3. Attempted to explain diversity by unity

4. Materialists

5. Search for the arche of the universe


Name Description
1 History of Philosophy and Christian Thought - Quiz 2

History of Philosophy and Christian Thought - Quiz 2

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