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Appraisal, Creation, Tensions

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Evaluation of Plato's arguments and comparison of Plato's philosophy with biblical theology.


Platonic Philosophy

Part 5



VI. Christian Appraisal of Platonism



A. Plato's View of the Soul

1. Radical body/soul dualism

2. Inherent immortality of the soul

B. Biblically-based Objections

1. God did not create an immortal soul.

2. "Immortal" is used mainly of God.

3. Refers to humans only after resurrection (1 Corinthians 15).

4. Conscious state after death

5. Ultimate destiny of a Christian is a resurrected body.

C. Chapter 3 - The Gospel and the Greeks

1. Possible influence of Plato on New Testament writers?

2. No influence on Paul or other New Testament writers


VII. Plato's View of Creation


A. Four Eternal Things - Plato

1. Forms

2. Matter

3. Space-Time Receptacle

4. Demiurge/Craftsman

B. Allegory of the Kitchen - Nash

1. Ingredients (Matter)

2. Recipe (Forms)

3. Oven (STR)

4. Baker (Demiurge)

C. Influence on the Early Church

D. Augustine's Response

1. Do away with pre-existent matter.

2. Do away with the space-time receptacle.

3. Forms are eternal ideas in the mind of God.


VIII. Unresolved Tensions in Plato's Philosophy


A. View of God? Form of the Good or Demiurge?

B. Relationship between God and the Forms?

C. Gap between the two worlds?

D. How humans attain knowledge of the ideal world and God?

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