Learning more about God

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When you became a Christian, you understood certain things about God. But did you know that he knows everything? That he is present everywhere? That he is all-powerful? How then should we respond to a fuller knowledge of God? What is worship? How should we respond to what we know of God? (The reference in Section 1 to Isaiah 59:9 should be Isaiah 55:9.)


Learning More About God

Part 1

I. About God

A. "Omniscient"

B. "Omnipresent”

C. "Omnipotent"

D. My response: Worship

1. "Worth-ship"

2. Response to God's revelation

3. Isaiah 6

4. Confession

5. "Here am I. Send me."

E. Never let God become small


What is Psalm 139 saying about God’s knowledge? What is Psalm 139 saying about God’s presence? What is the Psalmist’s response to what he knows about God?

What does it mean for God to know everything? Does he know your thoughts? Your secrets? The things done in private? How does this make you feel? Does it bring you comfort? Why? 

There is no place you can go where God does not exist. You are probably used to thinking that you can hide, but you can’t hide from God. Does this bring you comfort or discomfort? Why? Are there places you go in life that cause you to fear? How does knowing that God is there affect your actions?

This is a hard one. God is all-powerful. Anything he wants to do, he can. Do you believe this? What might lead you to question the truth of the statement?

In Isaiah 6:1-8, the writer is given a glimpse of heaven and the throne room of God. What does Isaiah learn about God. How does he respond to each piece of information?




Write out your memory verse: Isaiah 6:3.

Write out what you have learned about God’s holiness.

As you have been reflecting on the talk, what practical applications are you making about the four terms we learned: Incomprehensibility, Omniscience, Omnipresence, and Omnipotence?



36 min