Learning more about God

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When you became a Christian, you understood certain things about God. But did you know that he knows everything? That he is present everywhere? That he is all-powerful? How then should we respond to a fuller knowledge of God? What is worship? How should we respond to what we know of God? (The reference in Section 1 to Isaiah 59:9 should be Isaiah 55:9.)


Learning More About God

Part 1

I. About God

A. "Omniscient"

B. "Omnipresent”

C. "Omnipotent"

D. My response: Worship

1. "Worth-ship"

2. Response to God's revelation

3. Isaiah 6

4. Confession

5. "Here am I. Send me."

E. Never let God become small



Sunday, September 5, 2004


36 min