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Justification in Galatians

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The meaning and implications of the doctrine of justification. One notable distinction is whether you are justified apart from your works, according to your works or on the basis of your works.


Justification in Galatians

I. Justification by faith

II. Galatians 3:15-18

A. Importance of the doctrine of justification

B. Background

C. Language of righteousness

D. In Galatians, justified and righteous refer to status

III. Reformation view of righteousness

A. Justification is forensic

B. Justification is before God

C. Justification is on account of Christ

D. Justification is through faith alone

E. Justification is by grace alone

F. Discussion of reformation views

1. Forensic

2. Before God

G. Reformation antitheses

III. N.T. Wright

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