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The books of Joshua, Judges, 1 and 2 Samuel, and 1 and 2 Kings give the history of Israel by recording what happened and state the theological factors. The main theme in Joshua is that God gives the land of Canaan to Israel just as he promised Abraham. Joshua leads the people as they go into the land. Joshua divides up the land for the twelve tribes and then leads the people in a covenant renewal ceremony. The land symbolizes the permanence of God’s love for Israel and Israel’s role as a holy nation to be a testimony to the nations surrounding them. 


I. Review of the Law

II. Introduction to the Prophets

III. Joshua

A. God gives His people the ability to conquer the land (1–12)

B. How the Israelites divided the land (13–22)

C. Renewing the covenant with Yahweh (23–24)

D. Authorship of Joshua

E. Question of fairness

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