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John 1-12

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We will pay special attention to John's presentation of Jesus as God and the many "proofs" of his divinity (with emphasis on the Prologue and the I Am sayings). We will also talk about John's use of the phrase "believe into."


A. Introductory Issues

B. Prologue: The Divine Logos (John 1:1-18)

C. The Book of Signs (John 1:19-12:50)

1. John the Baptist (1:19-34)

2. The Wedding at Cana and Cleansing the Temple (John 2

3. Nicodemus and the Necessity of Rebirth (John 3)

4. The Samaritan Woman (John 4)

5. Jesus Heals like his Father (John 5)

6. Feeding the 5000 and the “I Am” Statements (John 6)

7. Continued Conflict with the Jews (John 7-8)

8. The Man Born Blind (John 9)

9. The Good Shepherd (John 10)

10. Raising Lazarus from the Dead (John 11)

11. The Triumphal Entry and Rejection (John 12)

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