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Job and Proverbs

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Job teaches us how to struggle with doubt, pain, and suffering, and even with our faith. The message of Job is that we should trust the providence of God. The message of the book of Proverbs is how to develop wisdom.


I. Job

A. Description of Wisdom Literature

B. Background of Job

C. Outline

1. Testing of Job (1–2)

2. Job’s dialogue with his three friends (3–31)

3. Fourth friend (32–37)

4. Yahweh confronts Job (38:1–42:6)

5. Healing and Restoration (42:7-17)

D. Conclusion

II. Proverbs

A. Description of Wisdom Literature

B. Themes in Proverbs (headings 1:1, 10:1, 22:17, 25:1, 30:1, 31:1)

C. Outline

1. Choosing wisdom and avoiding foolishness (1–9)

2. How to become a righteous child (10:1–22:16)

3. Sustaining righteousness (22:17–24:34)

4. Becoming a righteous leader (25–29)

5. Dealing with pride (30)

6. Importance of choosing a faithful life partner (31)

D. Concluding thoughts

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