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Inviting Others to Walk with You

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Disciples are to make more disciples. This is one of the most joyous experiences of your life as you share how God made you alive, and he will do the same for your friends, neighbors, and others. This isn’t a frightening process; it is in fact natural for people who have been changed and are living changed lives. How will people respond to you? What is a “personal testimony”? How do I tell people they too can be a disciple of Jesus? What if they don’t like me?


A. Make more disciples

B. Regeneration

1. People will notice.

2. People will wonder

3. People will respond

4. People will ask why

C. How do I respond?

1. Share personal testimony

a. 1 Peter 3:15-16

b. John 9

c. Acts 4

d. Practical suggestions

2. Invite them to walk with you

a. ABC

b. John 3:16

c. Romans

d. Metaphors

D. Practical advice

1. Focus on Jesus

2. Don't accept too much responsibility

3. Don’t become the Holy Spirit

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