Free Online Bible Classes | Introduction to Hermeneutics (Part 2)

Introduction to Hermeneutics (Part 2)

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Hermeneutics is the science and art of biblical interpretation. The science of hermeneutics provides methods, rules, and a measure of objectivity while the art of hermeneutics speaks to the skill that is learned through practice. The goals of exegesis are to determine the meaning of a passage in its original context, and to determine the significance of the passage for today.


Introduction to Hermeneutics

I. Hermeneutics is the science and art of biblical interpretation

II. The Goals of Hermeneutics

A. Exegesis: To Determine the Meaning of a Passage in its Original Context.

1. Key Questions

2. Clarification on Exegesis

a. Author's Meaning

b. Meaning is Text-Centered

c. The Text is Historically Positioned

B. Contextualization

III. Avoid Shortcutting the Hermeneutical Process

A. Application without exegesis

1. Subjectivity

2. Proof Texting

B. Exegesis without contextualization

1. Common Liberal Error

2. Common Conservative Error 1

3. Common Conservative Error 2

IV. Summary

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