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The Inter-testament Period, 400 Not-So-Silent Years

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The history found in the Old Testament comes to an end about 400 years before we take up the story of the New Testament. In between the testaments is a period often called the 400 silent years because by Jewish reckoning no prophets spoke in the land of Israel during this period. Well, it may be called silent, but as you’ll soon see, it is anything but that. Rather, it’s a dynamic period of conquest, political and religious developments, and conflict around compromising or not compromising the foundational values and traditions of Israel. It’s a period that has the feel of God setting the cultural/historical table for the coming of His Son.


The Inter-testament Period, 400 Not-So-Silent Years

I. A Summary look at the inter-testament times

II. Three Keys to the silent years

A. Rulers

1. Persia

2. Greece

3. Independence

4. Rome

A. Readings

1. Apocrypha

2. Pseudepigrapha

3. Dead Sea Scrolls

4. Septuagint

A. Religions

1. Temple and Synagogue

2. Sadducees and Pharisees

3. Sanhedrin and Scribes

4. Herodians and Essenes

5. Publicans and Zealots

III. Summary

IV. Remember

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