Free Online Bible Classes | The Divinity of the Holy Spirit (Part 1)

The Divinity of the Holy Spirit (Part 1)

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Throughout Scripture, the Holy Spirit is referred to as having the attributes and performing the actions of a person. He is also shown to have the attributes of God, and is declared to be God. Both the Old and New Testaments cite examples of the work of the Holy Spirit in empowering people.


III.The Holy Spirit (PART 1)

A. The person of the Holy Spirit

1. The personhood of the Holy Spirit

a. Spirit has attributes of a person

     1. Mind

     2. Emotion

     3. Will

     4. Holiness

b. Performs actions

     1. Teachers

     2. Bears witness

     3. Leads or guides

     4. Intercedes

     5. Sends out missionaries

c. Treated as a person

     1. Can be Lied to

     2. Can be resisted

     3. Can be insulted

     4. Can be blasphemed

d. Masculine pronoun used in reference to the Holy Spirit

B. The deity of the Holy Spirit

1. The Spirit declared to be God

2. Attributes of God alone predicted of the Holy Spirit

a. Eternity

b. Omniscience

c. Omnipotence

d. Omnipresence

3. Prerogatives attributed to God alone attributed to the Holy Spirit

a. Spirit directed Philip

b. Spirit sent out missionaries

c. Spirit forbids Paul to go to Asia Minor

d. Spirit distributes gifts as he wills

e. Spirit deserves worship

4. Works of God alone done by the Holy Spirit

a. Creation

b. Regeneration

d. Sanctification

e. Conviction of Sin

f. Raising the dead

5. Triadic Passages

a. Matthew 28;19

b. 2 Corinthians 13:14

c. Other passages: Eph. 2:18,4:4-6; 1 Peter 1:2; Matthew 3:13-17, Isaiah 48:16

C. The work of the Holy Spirit

1. Work of the Spirit in the Old Testament

a. Use of the word for spirit in the Old Testament

     1. Increase of reference to the spirit from Old Testament to the New Testament

     2. Reference to the Holy Spirit connected to holiness

b. The Spirit’s empowerment in the Old Testament

     1. Judges

     2. Prophets

     3. Craftsmen

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