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Groups, Community, and Church

BiblicalTraining deeply believes that the best learning happens in community, iron sharpening iron. You can get clarification, see what perhaps you didn't see by yourself, and be challenged to spiritual growth based on what you are learning. So if you are wanting to take a course, please find someone to take the course with you.

Our favorite scenario is what is happening at Fellowship Bible Church in Jackson, Tennessee. The video above is with the pastor. Many of the small groups adopt a sequence of classes, listen to the lectures on their own, and then get together to discuss. Please listen to the lessons on your own and then use your precious together–time to mull over the material. What started as a single small group at Fellowship Bible Church has mushroomed to a church–wide practice.

There are many tools you can use to organize your groups, and over time we will be adding tutorials on how to use each of them. But our favorite is GroupVitals.com. In many cases it is free but can grow to handle any number of groups and people. Other people use Facebook groups and even Slack.