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Gospel, Salvation, and Other Religions

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With Todd Miles, Ph.D. Western Christianity’s interaction with world religions used to be, for the most part, overseas. Today, “religious others” often live next door. At a changing time when one public prayer spoken during the 2009 U.S. presidential inauguration festivities was addressed to “O god of our many understandings,” the evangelical Christian church should do more than simply dismiss non-Christian religions as pagan without argument or comment. The Church needs a theology of religions that is Christ-honoring, biblically faithful, intellectually satisfying, compassionate, and that will encourage Spirit-powered mission.

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    Biblical Theology
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    7 hours
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    Western Seminary

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Lecture 1 - Theology of Religions


Lecture 2 - Exclusivity of Christ


Lecture 3 - Christ as the Center of Scripture


Lecture 4 - The Old Testament and Religions


Lecture 5 - Are There Many Gods?


Lecture 6 - The New Testament and Religions


Lecture 7 - Universalism


Lecture 8 - Pluralism


Lecture 9 - Inclusivism


Lecture 10 - The Holy Spirit in the Old Testament


Lecture 11 - The Holy Spirit in the New Testament


Lecture 12 - Critical Questions

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