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Galatians 1

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Paul's autobiographical reasons for why you should listen to him.


Galatians 1

I. Salutation 1:1-5

A. "Men" and "a man" (verse 1)

B. All the brothers and sisters with me (verse 2)

C. Contrast between Paul and the Jewish Christian missionaries

D. Contrast of the "present evil age" with a new age in verse 4

E. How would you preach this?

II. Galatians 1:6-10

A. Thanksgiving for readers omitted

B. Strong language indicates deep concern of Paul for the Galatians

C. Grace in verse 6

D. The essentials of the Gospel

III. Galatians 1:11-2:14

A. The Gospel came to Paul as a revelation from God, not from a human being

B. Paul's conversion

C. Timeline of events

IV. Galatians 1:18-24

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