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Dr. Stuart provides a brief overview of Ezekiel, his difficult message of impending judgment on Jerusalem and his uplifting message of the hope to come.


The Exile:  Ezekiel


I.  Orienting Data

A.  Overview

1.  Fall of Jerusalem

2.  Oracle Against Foreign Nations

3.  New Jerusalem and New Temple

B.  Author

C.  Emphases


II.  Themes and Issues

A.  Major Themes

1.  Give up your false hope

2.  Advisor to the community

3.  Interrelationship of leader and people

4.  Universal divine sovereignty

5.  Hope in a hopeless situation

6.  Individual and national responsibility

7.  Unification as a prelude to eschatological fulfillment

8.  Corporate leadership of the Holy Spirit

9.  Certainty of fulfillment of God's word

10.  Transformation of people prior to eschatological fulfillment

11.  Transformation of the temple

12.  Transformation of the Promised Land

13.  The Presence of God

B.  Highlights

C.  Other Issues in Ezekiel

1.  The Turning of History

2.  Apocalyptic

3.  Lament Form

4.  Dated Prophecies

5.  Prophecies not materialistic

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