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Dr. Ware talks about the church universal and the local church. He discusses the offices of the local church, including the roles of elders and deacons. Dr. Ware also looks at how the church can be organized and what ordinances should be celebrated by a local body of believers.


I. The Universal Church

A. The Nature of the Church

1. Jesus Christ is Lord of the Church

2. The Church is formed by the Spirit.

3. The Church unites Jew and Gentile.

4. The Church is the community of the New Covenant.

5. The Church is a testifying community.

6. The Church is a worshipping community.

B. New Testament Metaphors for the Church

1. The Church is the Body of Christ

2. The Church is the Bride of Christ

3. The Church is Christ’s Building

4. The Church is Christ’s Flock

II. Local Congregations or Churches

A. Offices in the Local Church

1. The Role of Elders

2. The Role of Deacons

3. The Role of Men and Women in Ministry

B. Organization of the Local Church

1. Episcopalianism

2. Presbyterianism

3. Congregationalism

C. Ordinances: Baptism and The Lord’s Supper

1. Baptism

a. Infant Baptism (Reformed, Lutheran, Catholic)

b. Believer’s Baptism (Anabaptist, Baptist)

2. The Lord’s Supper

a. The Transubstantiation View (Catholic)

b. The Consubstantiation View (Lutheran)

c. The Spiritual View (Reformed)

d. The Memorial View (Zwinglian)

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