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Lecture 1: Christian Activism

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Christian activism is Christians seeking to be involved in the issues and needs of the day and time. Wesleyans in the 1700's in England sought to minister to people that others didn’t care about. To be called by Christ is to be called into the body of Christ. A biblical model is that every member is a full-fledged minister of the gospel without distinction between clergy and laity. 


Christian Acitivism

I. Personal Introduction

II. Sociological and Ecclesiological Issues

A. 1800's in England

B. Rise of Christian Activism

C. Definition of Christian activism

D. Sermon by Alexander Mclaren 1901

1. What Christ does for us

2. What Christ does in us

3. Everyone should be involved, not just the clergy

4. Life is the root of work and more important than work

5. In some cases, the works of the churches generate activity but mask death

6. Martha has her own way now